Credit Repair Agency Spotlight: MSI Credit Solutions 10 May 2012 | By chane

If you are shopping for a credit repair agency, you have several choices. This week we take a look at one of our top-reviewed credit repair companies, MSI Credit Solutions.

Who is MSI Credit Solutions?

MSI Credit Solutions is a privately held credit repair company that operates out of Dallas, Texas. The company is a bonded agency that operates in compliance with both Federal and State laws. They are registered with the Texas secretary of state and they have ten years of experience in the credit repair business . One unique quality of MSI is the fact that they have Spanish-speaking agents for those whose first language is not English. The company offers the option to work either online or by phone to help you repair your credit.

How do they operate?

MSI provides a free consultation, which is then followed by a plan they customize for each new customer. Because they do personalized profiles on each client, they can tailor their methods and services according to each client. They are not the cheapest credit repair agency, but the customized service may be worth the cost for some consumers. MSI provides help with all types of negative items that you might find on your credit report, and they offer unlimited debt validations and credit bureau disputes as a part of their monthly service. You can cancel any time – there are no long term preset obligations. They’ll also let you pause your membership if you find yourself running too tight on funds to pay them until you are ready to continue their services.

What’s their focus?

MSI Credit Solutions has several key operating principles, but the main one is that they do their work in an efficient and timely manner. This means that while they may be more costly than some other credit repair companies, they also get results faster, and in the long run can save people money. Another principle is providing unique services: MSI Credit Solutions charges based on the negative items on the credit report rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. This does not, however, mean that they limit their services in terms of what types of negative listings they handle. MSI Credit Solutions will help remove any inaccurate negative information, from late payments to bankruptcies. The last area where MSI Credit Solutions stands out is their credit rebuilding partnerships. By partnering with companies and lenders in various industries, they can help their customers to qualify for new credit, even as they work on repairing their customers’ current credit files. This can be highly useful if you need to qualify for a loan in the near future, but aren’t sure which lender might accept your current credit score.

Reasons Not to Choose MSI Credit Solutions

This is not a company to consult if you want to know what you’re going to be charged before they even get started. They are not a flat fee credit repair agency and this may not be suitable for people who are on a very strict budget. Because MSI Credit Solutions tailors each program to the individual client, the prices cannot be offered on a list ahead of time. This is also not a company to choose if you want “support” services — i.e. protection against identity theft, credit score monitoring and other supplementary offerings. Overall, if you choose to go with MSI Credit Solutions, you need to be prepared to take a little more time with the initial set-up, and be sure to provide clear and thorough information to the company in order to get a plan that really fits your needs.