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MSI Credit Solutions
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Service Review:

MSI Credit Solutions is an innovator in the field of credit repair, offering each client a completely personalized action plan and only charging the client for the services they need. MSI Credit’s customer service department is second to none and they are happy to share thousands of positive customer reviews with prospective clients. Whether you require a complete credit overhaul or just need to dispute some minor items on your credit report, MSI Credit Solutions knows how to help.


• Guaranteed Results – After a free consultation and a review of your credit report, MSI Credit Solutions will devise a failsafe plan • Personalized Service – Each client’s credit repair plan is based entirely on their personal needs • Convenient Consultations – Free consultations are available through email, phone, in person, or by chatting online with a live representative • Future Planning – MSI Credit offers immediate results and helps clients plan for the future

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