Ovation Credit

Ovation Credit
  • $87 setup fee – $37 monthly fee
  • Refund Policy – No questions asked
  • 8 Years of Experience
  • Couple Discount – 20%

Service Review:

Ovation Credit has been a player in the credit repair industry for almost a decade and they have the chops to back up their satisfaction guarantee. Like other credit repair companies we review, they are completely ethical in their advertising standards and never charge for their service until they have already completed it. We consider them definitely in the top 5 of all nation-wide credit repair services because they meet the threshold of honesty and effectiveness for clients across the USA.


Ovation Credit Services has different options for consumers depending on their credit needs. They split their potential customers into two different groups. The first group of clients are those that need help removing negative items from your credit report by disputing negative items with the credit bureaus. They only dispute the items that you select as the ones that are questionable, unverified, or inaccurate. This service is very good at removing late payments, charge-offs, collections, judgments, and repossessions. The higher level of service (Essentials Plus) offer a more complete strategy that includes custom validation letters that are sent to collection agencies and goodwill letters sent on your behalf to companies that have reported negative items to one or more credit bureaus.

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