Lexington Law Firm Lexington Law Firm
  • $99.95 set up fee, $59.95/mo. and up
  • Founded in 1991
  • Over 7.3 Million Items Removed in 2014
  • Online progress tracker w/ login
  • Free paralegal consultation
  • Free credit report summary

  • Call (855) 255-0149

  • Service Review:

    Lexington Law is hands down the best credit repair service available today. Lexington Law puts the client is in control of choosing which credit report items to dispute, then gets working on removing those items and improving credit scores. After completing a free consultation, clients will feel comfortable choosing one of their three solid levels of service.

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    CreditRepair.com CreditRepair.com
    • $12.95 set up fee, $89 per month
    • Open since 1997
    • Simple three step program
    • You can cancel anytime
    • No hidden fees

    Service Review:

    They offer a simple three step program for you to raise your credit score: check, challenge, change. They will pull your credit reports for you and organize them for you to better understand what needs to be challenged and changed. You will receive updated monthly credit reports as well as a free updated credit score every 90 days. Whenever anything changes, positive or negative, you will be notified by text or email. Each persons credit is different so there is no set time line for this credit repair process.

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    Rating: 9.0/10 (6 votes cast)

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    Sky Blue Credit Repair Sky Blue Credit Repair
    • $59/month
    • Special pricing for couples $99/month
    • Helping clients for 26 years
    • 100% Money-back guarantee
    • A+ BBB rating

    Service Review:

    Sky Blue Credit Repair has been helping individuals get back on their feet with improved credit ratings and increased confidence for nearly two decades. Service begins as experts comb your credit report for harmful or unwanted items. Sky Blue then works with their customers to devise a plan to efficiently return their credit score to a more favorable rating in the fastest time possible. Their excellent rating from the BBB gives clients peace of mind, and married couples receive extra discounts from Sky Blue when they sign up together.

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    DSI Solutions DSI Solutions
    • $19 setup fee – 3 $89 payments
    • 50k+ clients
    • 10 Years of Experience
    • Money back guarantee

    Service Review:

    DSI Solutions does something other credit repair specialists cannot, they are able to acquire their clients’ credit reports for them, expediting the process and keeping their clients from having to go through the hassle of getting a copy of their credit report. DSI Solutions also looks deep into their clients’ credit history to make sure there are no underlying or unresolved problems that need disputed. Their flexible payment methods offer customers an affordable way to hire their services, and DSI Solutions offers an affiliate program that allows website owners to earn money through internet referrals.

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    Rating: 7.3/10 (13 votes cast)

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    MSI Credit Solutions MSI Credit Solutions
    • Cost depends on required service
    • Free Consultation Call
    • 10 Years Credit Repair Experience
    • Cancel anytime.

    Service Review:

    MSI Credit Solutions is an innovator in the field of credit repair, offering each client a completely personalized action plan and only charging the client for the services they need. MSI Credit’s customer service department is second to none and they are happy to share thousands of positive customer reviews with prospective clients. Whether you require a complete credit overhaul or just need to dispute some minor items on your credit report, MSI Credit Solutions knows how to help.

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