What to Expect from Ovation Credit Report Repair

In our current economy, it’s much easier to get into financial trouble than not. Credit scores determine so much now – if you can get a home loan, how big a home you can afford, what your interest rates will be on everything from credit cards to insurance, and even whether or not you are employable or promotable in a company that handles money and requires security clearances. When you are starting to fall behind in payments or have had a major financial setback, you may want to get some professional help. Fortunately, getting the help you need isn’t as costly, nor as overwhelming as it may seem to some people. However, credit repair is big business these days – you want to choose someone who has a good reputation, or you could just be digging yourself into an even bigger hole of bad finances. Rounding out our top five list of good credit report repair companies, Ovation is a strong choice for many. They were originally known as Ovation Law, and they have a good history with the Better Business Bureau. While not all of their members are legal professionals, they are rated well in expertise and they are very reasonably priced. Let’s look at what they can do for you, and if they are the company you should choose.

Why You Might Need Ovation Credit Report Repair

It is estimated that up to 79% of credit reports contain some kind of mistake, and 25% of all credit reports contain errors serious enough to get your requests for credit cards, house loans and other credit denied. With credit problems this serious, you would also be at risk for higher rates on your insurance and any current loans as well. Ovation’s credit report repair service works with the credit bureaus and your creditors to update your credit report with accurate and up-to-date information. They are dedicated to completely legal credit report clean up and they also help you to remain on solid financial footing after your credit report repair by providing tips and advice to keep your credit healthy. However, they are not a debt settlement firm — their only service is credit report repair. Ovation credit report repair starts you off with free credit consultation, and they will advise you on whether or not you can benefit from their services given your current credit situation. Ovation offers several programs to repair your credit, depending on your needs. They assign you an agent, called a Case Advisor, to help you one-on-one. Ovation also provides the services of an online dispute manager that lets you direct how they handle your case. Ovation credit report repair is not a contracted service. They allow you to cancel at any time, and they have a no-risk refund policy if you don’t get the results you think you should be getting. As an added measure of insurance, Ovation is bonded as required by the various state laws where they practice.

What Ovation Credit Report Repair is NOT

Ovation credit report repair is not debt consolidation. They will not work with creditors for payment arrangements — they only negotiate to clear your credit. If you need help with debt settlement or payment negotiations, you will need to look elsewhere for that service. Also, Ovation will not get your credit report for you — that could potentially cause an inquiry to appear on your credit record. Instead, Ovation will show you where and how to get all three credit reports for free. In this way they’re actually protecting your credit by helping you to get your own records so it does not impact your credit score. So if you need help with your report, but not with payment arrangements, Ovation credit report repair is an excellent choice for assistance.

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